Friendly reminder that presidential elections are NOT the only elections that matter. The reason President Obama hasn’t accomplished much of what he wanted and the American people wanted is because we voted in a congress that has no interest in helping the American people. Theyve been content to sit on their asses, vote no on anything productive that comes to them, and get paid to do it. Get out and vote this November. We can make the end of this term count for something.


The brilliance of the line “No man or piece of scientific technology has ever been to the bottom of the ocean” is that it encapsulates what’s so goddamned frustrating and so goddamned endearing about Nick Miller: He wants so terribly to live in a world in which that is true—because he wants to live in a world in which there’s something amazing still left to explore, discover, create.

Nick sees the world as a terrible, miserable, limiting place—he wants to be able to legitimately dream big—it’s why he’s so given to making broad, borderline-insane pronouncements. (Fill in your favorite “that’s simply not true, Nick” moment here.) He’s not stupid—he’s willfully ignorant. Which is the most infuriating kind of ignorance, and you want to strangle such people, usually. But not Nick. Because he wants to believe—desperately—that he lives in a world in which he can still be the first to do something, see something, make something. As much as the show puts Jess up as the wide-eyed dreamer, she’s not—Nick’s the guy who wants to think that nobody’s been to the bottom of the ocean, so that it’s still left to do. So that we haven’t yet hit the limit. So that maybe, maybe, he can be something more than exactly what this terrible, miserable place wants him to be.

Of course this tends to render him a bit of a, how you say, buffoon. But dammit, buffoonery in the face of the conformist pettiness of reality is why Don Quixote and Falstaff and Huck Finn are still the greatest heroes of the Western Canon. (He said, sweeping his arms, defiantly, Nick Millerishly.)

AV Club commenter Lifeless Husk, totally nailing it. (via kyrafic)